Our Story

We are a family who has overcome great loss and tragedy. The FishOn property is a vision of honoring those we have lost by gathering with the friends and family we love and most importantly… FISHING!

On August 12th, 2005 Bill Becker and his sons Benjamin and Andrew were tragically killed in an airplane crash near Cascade, Idaho. They left behind wife and mother, Gerry and daughter and sister, Emily and Andy’s wife, Shauna.

Bill, Ben and Andy live in the memory of the many people they influenced in their work and play. Bill worked as an Environmental Scientist at the INL in Idaho Falls. Ben graduated from the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, and became a C-2 pilot who deployed overseas three times. Andy dreamed of being a farmer, studied Ag Engineering at the University of Idaho, and worked in Boise.

The Becker family loved to fish, and fishing was always a way of bringing everyone together.

The Becker Family
Andy, the cowboy.
Andy, Emily and Ben
Bill Becker on the South Fork of the Snake River
Ben, the pilot
Andy and his wife, Shauna

Bill, Ben and Andy died in the prime of their lives. They will never again wet a line in the pursuit of an elusive trout, nor float a drift boat down the river. They will never again fly an airplane, farm the Idaho soil or pass on their skills and love for the outdoors to sons, daughters, and grandkids.

The FishOn property is what Ben and Andy and Bill could have only dreamed of. On that awful day in August, they were searching for their perfect fishing hole. Fishing was a way the guys connected with each other and with nature. The Becker Men live on in our hearts and we feel the closest to them when we are sitting next to the river, throwing a fly out to drift down a small riffle.

Since the tragedy and picking up the puzzle pieces of our lives, we have all built beautiful stories. Gerry was reacquainted with a gentleman she met in high school, Dan, and they were married in 2017. Emily met Gregg in 2008 and they have two children, Daniel (9) and Scarlett (7). Shauna also remarried and has 3 gorgeous kids. Daniel and Scarlett get to know their grandfather and uncles through stories… many of them are over-embellished fishing stories around the campfire at FishOn.

As your hosts, we invite you to shout “FISH ON” (which is exactly what Bill did each time) when you catch a big one right in the mouth…

Thank you for reading our story, and sharing our special place at FishOn.


Emily, Gregg, and Gerry